Custom Printing Tea Towels for over 25 years

Proudly printed in New Zealand for Over 25 years!

Initially Registered as Cheers and Beers Limited our founder James Crooks initially specialised in sourcing and indent for promotional products. It was during a trip to England Jim spotted Schools fundraising using tea towels.

Following the untimely passing of Jim in 2013, the business was Registered as Graphics on Shirts Limited, however we kept our strong focus on teatowels and sourcing our own towels.

Tea Towels are printed using Waterbased inks, this is great news as it means the towels can be used for drying! It also means they can be ironed if you are into that. The print is a dye and sits inside of the tea towel. The tea towels are 100% Cotton and will shrink a little, hence the ridiculous initial size.

The towels actually look, feel and dry much better after the first wash. If you want to avoid shrinkage you can stretch the towels back out while they are wet, hang dry and cold water wash only.

Printing Tea Towels NZ
Tea Towel waterbased printing nz

Looking for something easy to stock, sell and post, what about custom tea towel printing?

Tea towels are a fantastic Canvas for your (or contracted) artwork. Teatowels make great products, they are fantastically versatile and usable. Although always slow simmering, printed tea towels have taken off in popularity with New Zealand artist’s charging huge amounts for their artworks and brands quickly realising the demand and ease of storage and postage of teatowels.

With retail prices ranging wildly from under $10.00 right up over $50.00 ea you really do set the price.

Could Tea Towel Fundraising work for me?

Tea towels are great, you do not have to order stock of differing sizes, the entry price is low and you set the sell price.

Schools and Kindergarten tea towels work particularly well, as they fold easily and are hard to damage in the post they make the perfect gift for overseas relatives, be it over the Cook Strait or Pacific Ocean.

By using Order forms and multibuy strategies fundraising with tea towels can be unique and effective.

Using children’s portraits or artwork adds unrivalled sentimental value.

Agencies love promotional tea towels.

What a better way to get your advertisement in the door than to give out something useful, something useful that is also a huge blank canvas for your brand. Try printed tea towels for your next promotion.

I don’t have a design, can you help?

Yes, provided you have an idea of what you are after we (or one of our recommended designers) can help you get your idea together and into a workable format for print. Just use the form below or contact us by email and we will be happy to help you out.

How much?

This will come down to what you are doing, how many colours and what quantity you are after, custom tea towel printing is just so custom. The good news is all of our tea towel printing pricing is available on site, just select on the menu whether you are after Custom tea towel printing or Fundraising Tea Towel Printing.

How Long?

There is a ‘tea towel season’, this lasts from August right through until the end of the year. During this time we are at a Two Week minimum turnaround, if you are doing Fundraising Teatowels please check the info pack.

That’s cool, but I need something else.

We love printing tea towels, we love stocking them too! But we print a ton of stuff we do not necessarily stock ourselves. As a Commercial Screenprinter we can supply and print just about anything apparel related. 

We love printing AS Colour and offer awesome rates on their gear, but we also brand Gildan, Biz Collection, James Harvest, Jbs Wear, Safety Gear, Tote Bags and Calico Cotton Bags, Aprons and hospitality.

We also offer a full promotional item service for our customers, as this is outsourced it is very much a value added service that we offer to ongoing clients at low margins.


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“I just wanted to say… Thank you so much for the tea towels! They look great! And I’m really happy with them”

Alison / (Wine Brand Towels)

“The towel arrived today and I couldn’t be happier. I will be coming back for more soon.”

Lorenzo Playground

“Oh they look perfect :)Thank u so much-will definitely recommend your service!!”

Pip / (Wedding)

100% Cotton Tea Towels Printed and Supplied in New Zealand for over 25 years by Graphics on Shirts Limited.

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