Screen Printing is a dirty industry

We know this, our rebrand and refocus really has two goals:

  1. Reduce harm to our staff
  2. Reduce harm to our clients

These two goals, compliment and enhance our commitment to reducing our environmental impact. Graphics on Shirts Limited has already:

  • Stopped individual polybagging some time ago.
  • Swapped to recycled cardboard and compostitable packaging.
  • Favoured suppliers who limit excess packing.

In addition to adhering to all relevant industry rules and laws in regards to chemical management, waste water protection and internal recycling, we have chosen now to focus on products where less harm is done, including focusing on Cotton products with an emphasis on organically produced cotton.

But we aren’t done yet, we have some very exciting projects to announce shortly, and have an internal plan to further reduce harm as well as supporting some of those doing good.

Our focus going forward is on Cotton Supply – Ideally this will result in us printing primarily less harmful products using water based inks. Join us on our journey and say no to polyester.

Read about why we hate polyester in our clothes by clicking here

Do not believe the recycled polyester hype. Many claim to have less environmental impact in their production vs Cotton, however this data is highly biased choosing the worst performing Cotton regions for comparison and conveniently forget to address the question of what happens when the garment is disposed of or even washed – Synthetic fibres shed and end up in our waterways when washed!

Our primary products include Water based printed Tea Towels, Reusable Shopping Bags and Cotton Apparel. – New Zealand’s Tea towel Printer