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Whilst the Author is a proponent of using Children's artwork in Fundraising Teatowels as in our info pack here, there is no denying that Word Clouds are becoming increasingly popular.


Last year one of the most requested styles of towels was local road names.


Many Schools used a website called tagxedo, unfortunately this site does not produce high quality files.


As an alternative we suggest Wordle or Tagul - www.tagul.com

In order to obtain Print Ready files you will need to either Pay for One Months Premium Access or

Send a Link to your Cloud to us and we’ll handle downloading the image at no charge.

Word Clouds can be a great alternative to School Portrait Teatowels


• We'll still need an Order Form, you can download our Info Pack
   and Order Form Here.

• Feel free to use shapes, just make sure text is legible.

• You can purchase the Premium version yourself if you prefer.

• Advanced users could use dummy words to later remove and
  add in pictures of logos into this space.

• Remember to make sure the Text is of a decent size.


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School Tea Towels are a great fundraiser. Sometimes however time is critical or a School may simply want to appeal to an entire community as opposed to just the parents, word tea towels are a great alternative. Many Parents would love to know how to make Road Name designs and Area teatowels, The Above tutorial is a great way to make a tea towel design yourself that is of high quality. ©teatowels.co.nz